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June 15, 2005
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Comic Book Mini-Series By Buddy Scalera about People Who Will Do Anything for Fame

NEW JERSEY - After Hours Press announces “7 Days to Fame,” a comic book about people who appear on a reality television show and commit suicide so they can become famous.
The full-color, three-issue mini series written by veteran journalist and comic book creator Buddy Scalera (Deadpool, Wizard World, CBG) hits the stands in September, 2005. The story explores why some people will do anything to appear on television, and how surprisingly close we are to seeing an entertainment program with televised suicides.

In the comic, “7 Days to Fame” is the title of a program where people appear on a television show for six days to discuss their life, loves, education, career, and unfulfilled dreams. And on the seventh day, they kill themselves in the most creative way possible.
The show becomes the next television phenomenon. It kicks up a media frenzy of supporters, as well as people who want to pull it off the air.

“ Reality television is an amazing cultural phenomenon,” says Scalera, who graduated college with a degree in Mass Media Communications. “Some people will do anything to be on television.”
The art team includes Nick Diaz, Dennis Budd, John Statema and Joe Caramagna. Colors are by Wilson Ramos. Letters are by Chris Eliopoulos.

“ A lot of people think that a suicide reality show like ‘7 Days to Fame’ could really happen,” says Scalera, “and they say they’d probably watch it.”

The comic book will be available in September 2005 in most comic book retail stores through Diamond Comics Distribution. The publisher strongly suggests that people pre-order a copy in July from the Diamond Previews catalogue.

About After Hours Press
After Hours Press is a small New Jersey- based comic book publisher co-created by Buddy Scalera, Darren Sanchez, and Chris Eliopoulos. Projects have included Necrotic: Dead Flesh on a Living Body, Celestial Alliance, Desperate Times, and Sherman’s Room. They have also published the multimedia photo pose files on CD-ROM “Visual Reference for Comic Artists Vol. 1, Vol 2. and Vol. 3.”


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