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Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls

CAPR2 - SmallDraw characters that leap off the page! A 144-page pose file book and CD-ROM package featuring 1100+ color photographs by Buddy Scalera from F+W’s IMPACT Books.

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Whether a scene calls for your heroines to be sexy, scared or savage, Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: Women and Girls will help them strike the right pose. With more than 1100 reference photos to choose from, you’ll find the inspiration you need in to give your female characters attitude, believability and life.

If you are looking to break into comic books as a penciler, inker, colorist, painter, manga artist, or just to improve your art, check out this professional-grade book. Many fan favorite comic book artists use Scalera's books and CD-ROMs for posefiles.

The 144-page softcover book and CD-ROM package retails for $24.95 in major bookstores (ISBN-978-1600610035), comic book stores, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon.


Art lessons, tips, and suggestions by top comic creators, including:

Review by Comic's Waiting Room

Book 1: Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People & Poses
Book 3: Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Men & Boys

Girl pose schoolgirl stockings pose Girl leap fly cape Supergirl Girl dressing Boots heels pose
Girl crossbow aim pose Girl jump leap karate pose action Girl Nunchucks pose action
Girl dressing undressing clothes pose Girl facial headshots emotions pose Girl karate kick action motion pose
Girl jump punch fly pose book Girl change clothes pose Girl action gun poses


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