Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Posefiles for Illustrators

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Comic Artist’s Photo Reference
A 3-Book Series by Buddy Scalera

Aspiring artists and working pros have struggled for years to get photo reference that is relevant and useful. This is particularly true for comic book artists, who need dramatic lighting, action poses, and interesting foreshortening.

The Comic Artist's Photo Reference series by Buddy Scalera is the perfect resource for every artist who has spent hours on Google or in morgue files trying to find the right shot. Every picture is shot for the specific needs of comic and manga artists.

Each volume is a 144-page pose file book and CD-ROM package featuring 1100+ color photographs published through F+W’s IMPACT Books.


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Buy it:
Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.


Buy it:
Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.

Buy it:
Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.

"Buddy's books contain useful poses, because Buddy has an artist's eye for the most dynamic angles to photograph the models in. I have purchased many photo reference books over the years, and have been disappointed by the staging of the models, because the pictures lack drama. Buddy's stuff is always good, with an emphasis on exciting low angle and high angle photos, many including useful props. For any artist, fan or professional, I recommend these books!"
-- Jerry Ordway

“The art lessons are by established, respected professional artists,” explains author Scalera. “Everything is tailored to the unique needs of comic artists, so you’ll see a lot of extreme perspectives, angles, foreshortening, and shadows.”

CBG says "I would recommend these books and photo reference to all prospective artists," and gives the books three stars.

Publisher's Weekly says, "Scalera's showcase of photo reference is welcome"




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